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I've been shooting weddings through Sonoma, Napa, and the SF Bay Area for nearly twenty years!

I photograph real people in natural light and gorgeous settings.

I come to each wedding both prepared for anything, and ready to be surprised and spontaneous.

I love capturing timeless, colorful, quirky and loving images of people in love.

Despite having photographed hundreds of weddings, I always bring fresh eyes and a genuine, caring approach to your unique wedding.

Using humor, connection, and a calm, warm energy, I work with a wide variety of people from all backgrounds and perspectives.

I gently guide couples through natural moments together, to capture their individual and collective personalities, in the most beautiful, & honest, way possible.

No awkward posing, no overly styled vignettes, no trend-chasing filters, actions or presets.

Just the full range of emotions and moments that come with celebrating being in love!

A few favorite weddings:

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I also love shooting engagement and anniversary couple portraits. (updated gallery coming soon!)

My clients have fun, feel supported, and receive more amazing photos than they dreamed.