Interior shots for Lauren Brandwein Design, Glen Ellen

This is another interiors shoot of a private residence remodel, that I did for a great local interior designer, Lauren Brandwein. She is a wonderful designer with a creative eye and very professional working demeanor, and I can’t wait until things settle down and I can have her help me with my office and home…

So, I don’t specialize in architecture or interiors (because I love working with people!), so it is always cool when clients want me to do something out of my normal range, and when they hire me based on wanting something that looks different from the average interior/ architectural shoot. Basically, though my specialty is portraiture and candid people shots, I want the rooms and details to look like they have personality and dynamism, just like I would with my human subjects. I loved the subtle combinations of cool and warm colors and textiles that Lauren incorporated, and I’m really happy with how these photos turned out!

Although I must say, seeing such a beautiful home with so much thought, energy, and intention behind it is making it harder for me to tolerate our mismatched furniture and sea of boxes as we unpack and get organized. I promise to share shots of our home decorating and cozy-fying soon!