Wildflower Inspired Portraits

For the last portion of this Cyanotype/ Springtime Sonoma photo shoot, I’m sharing a zillion portraits of my daughter.  Because I, obviously, love and adore her face ; ), because she’s my muse, and because I thought it was a great representation of how I make a study of micro-expressions.  I think part of being an empathic person, someone who really enjoys studying and watching people, and a portrait photographer practiced in capturing the perfect moment/ look/ gesture/ expression, is being skilled at understanding micro-expressions.  (If you haven’t heard about them before, this is a fascinating podcast episode to check out!) Well, here are some of my girl’s (and our friends’) sweet and funny expressions, with personality bursting out of the seams, as well as the final post in a series celebrating springtime and easy, natural kids fashion.  I like messy hair, wild flower “arrangements”, accessible fashion, and loose art direction, and I’m happy to incorporate that into this lifestyle children’s fashion photo shoot in Sonoma.

Dresses by H&M and Tea Collection Boys outfit from Tea Collection Flowers by California Sister The other parts of this shoot on my blog:  Part 1 – Springtime flowers and treats Part 2 – Cyanotype/ sunprint inspiration

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