Upstate New York, Oct 2006

Earlier this fall (wow, has it really only been a month and a half? So much has been happening this year!), Devon and I got to fly out to New York to photograph my good friends, Emily and Mike’s, wedding (and since Emily’s a newspaper editor, maybe she can edit the awful grammar in that sentence for me?). I knew them in college and remember when they met. And now they’re married and we got to capture it! Thanks guys!

We flew into NYC and rented a car to drive upstate with. However, we didn’t get in to JFK until about 9pm Eastern Time, and had 4 hours to drive to get to the Binghamton area, soooo, by the time we got there, we were pretty dang loopy. A bit North of Yonkers I got all excited about going to a Friendly’s restaurant (the East Coast equivalent of a greasy, and kind of disgusting, Denny’s or Swenson’s with more fried food). Then I remembered that I only liked it in college after eating in the dining halls for months and finally getting to escape for french fries, fried mozarella and ice cream sundaes. So going back as a fully fledged adult hungry for real dinner was less thrilling.

We spent a few days in Oneonta and a few in Ithaca at a bed and breakfast. The entire extended weekend we spent was AMAZINGLY gorgeous and sunny and warm – I think the drive back to NYC got up to 80 degrees! All of the leaves, everywhere, were in the height of their beautiful fall color; the grasses were all green, creating that lovely New England contrast, and the blue sky just topped it all off.

But enough talk; I’ll let the images do the talking.

I loved the colors in the B&B’s room (we stayed at a GREAT all vegetarian/ homegrown/ organic farm B&B outside of Ithaca) but this photo makes me miss my hair a little.

I also loved that there was this NY State Neighborhood Watch sign in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

We got to visit the beautiful Taughannock Falls on the Finger Lakes outside of Ithaca. I don’t know if they’re all as beautiful in poor weather, but we were honestly blessed with the nicest weather I’ve ever seen in upstate NY, and made the short hike, and lounging around by the lake, just fantastic.

And little known fact: Taughannock Falls is taller than Niagara. Or wider. I forget.
Something impressive, that doesn’t seem true.

Last but not least: here is the slideshow. I realize that they are glorified vacation slides, but I hope you like them anyway.