Theresa and David’s wedding, featured on Offbeat Bride, at Roshambo Farms, Healdsburg, part 1

Ohhhh, I love this wedding.  When I “narrowed down” my favorites, the count was still well over 200 images.  So, while I’m doing my best not to flood my blog with images from this wedding, I am spreading it out over a few posts.  But here’s the jam-packed slideshow if you can’t wait! Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 3.19.54 PM The feature on Offbeat Bride is getting a ton of love, understandably – because these two (who I’m lucky to call friends!) are adorable; they have extremely talented friends who all used their skills to help create an amazing wedding celebration; and their sweetness is made even more special with some coincidental and magical stories. Here are some photos to set the scene…  I could do a full day’s shoot at the amazing Roshambo Farm any time, but to have the additional decorations and details of Theresa and David’s wedding was even more fun to shoot. So, for part 1: getting ready!  Scene setters!  Gorgeous Theresa’s amazing handmade (by her) dress and stunning silver-grey hair!

 A few film shots for good measure:

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