Sarah and Rick, guests’ self portraits, Glen Ellen, California

Sarah and Rick have been so patient with me, as I have yet to blog their end-of-August wedding! It is coming up next, and it’s one of my favorites… not just because they’re good friends from college, and some of the most creative people I know, but because the wedding was so beautifully bright, colorful, emotional, and fun! Looking through the photos makes me smile.

They chose to have me set up my little self portrait station for their cocktail hour, and supplied the props. Awesome!

Two nerds:

Some of my college homies:

Sasha and her friend are big on doing “shakeface/ jowling”:

Awesome bride and groom:

Me and the pretty bride!

More fabulous college friends:

The whole wedding blog post will be up soon! I think I may have procrastinated posting it this long so that I have something sunny and fun to look at in January.