I haven’t forgotten you! – I’ve just been a busy girl (and allowing myself to enjoy spring a bit). I had a great engagement shoot last weekend and another one this Sunday – let me know if you need to book yours because I am running out of town before wonderful wedding season starts!

I don’t have any photos ready today but wanted to share a few random wedding/ photo related links:

Again at Geekologie, the first ever Xray which is so beautiful and artistic (and features a wedding ring):

And my mom found this photo gallery of Peeps getting married (she’s a fan. Personally I think they taste gross but look super interesting and cool). Take a look!

Her link was in response to the one that I sent her. Weird.

Finally, while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist yesterday (no cavities, thank you – my total sugar addiction notwithstanding), I noticed that the biohazard symbol on their “sharps” box on the wall is a really cool, interesting design. The more I stared at it, the more intrigued I became (and, no, there was no nitrous oxide present!). Who created it? Why? Does it symbolize something on the cellular level, or is it just random and cool looking?

Well, I was interested enough to find out, so why don’t you find out for yourself. It’s pretty interesting; I would’ve thought the symbol was around much longer than just 1966. Check out the sweet alternate designs!

This is something else that I had heard about long ago. It’s much more depressing, though, so don’t click unless you wanna.

More photos soon!

p.s. free 8×10 enlargement to anyone who can find the Morrissey quote in the text of this blog! I’m not kidding… I got tickets to the May 2nd Santa Rosa show and I am SUPER PSYCHED!