Random Summer Fun

Technically I’m taking the day off today, after shooting a long wedding with my friend Megan on Saturday. Since I’m on the computer already I figured, why not make a list of fun summery stuff I’m into:

-this blog and the idea of this candy (haven’t tried it yet):

-my brother’s delicious graduation BBQ yesterday, followed by spontaneous swimming and sailing (!) and relaxing on Santa Rosa’s Spring Lake, with our good friends Sean, Mikayla, and Sean’s family coincidentally showing up without even knowing we were all there!
-finishing the entirety of the show “The O.C.”… cause, you know, I kind of liked watching it, but, boy am I glad it’s over!
-getting ready to travel to Chicago on Thursday!
-a day off : ) (even if I need to spend a bunch of it cleaning and buying stuff)
-seasonal fruit (pluots! berries of all kinds! peaches!)
-cooking big meals for the two of us
-catching up on lots n lots of magazines
-getting into a post-shoot high exhaustion happy place and dancing to Ciara, Usher, Sir Mix-A-Lot on Saturday night
-biking to the gym and back with no sweater : )
-growing tomatoes in the backyard
-sleeping with the fan on, windows open
-new bathing suits/ sundresses!
-hitting the thrift stores and ross for paperbacks, t shirts, shorts, a new watch, a new carryon luggage thingy to transport all my album samples, and new sunglasses
-this photo my mom posted on her blog (it’s me, fishing back in… I’m guessing 1985?)

(see that mustard-colored van way at the top of the shot? my parents bought that after they had their third kid… it was a ridiculous, huge beast of a van with no power steering. We took it to Canada and back, but also just used it to get around town… what WERE y’all thinkin? I guess it was back when gas was in the cents rather than dollars…)

Have a great week!