Personal and behind the scenes photos, Triple S Ranch, Calistoga

I had such a great team to work with for the shoot we did at Triple S Ranch.  One of the perks of working in the wedding industry is the camaraderie between colleagues – and another is that so many of us are women, and mothers!  So what a treat it was to bring along my daughter (and flower girl model), and to get to meet Courtney’s baby daughter as well.  Isn’t she the cutest?!  Symphony was super fascinated with her (actually, everyone was), and she was passed from arm to arm as we all helped with the setup, shooting, and childcare.  It’s pretty great that everyone there was happy to hold her and help keep her happy and entertained.  I love the example we were setting for my own daughter of strong women working to create beauty, business, creativity, and care for the children.  Symphony had the time of her life, dressed in a sparkly, dreamy dress; playing with grown ups; getting to eat doughnuts and look at cake; helping to care for/ feed baby Everly; performing on the stage; carrying around fancy flowers, and so on.  We are very lucky to have this work in our lives. A few more with our sweet and beautiful friend, Krista, in her Truvelle gown:

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