Jacqueline and Gregory’s album

Here are some images from the album created forJacqueline and Gregory. It’s one of my favorites ever! Check out how deliciously thick it is, with the double window mats in the raw silk green cover, and custom black silk storage box. Beautiful!!

This is the collage-style, raw silk bound Iris album. Gorgeous!!

I am going nuts designing albums – in a good way – so lots more coming soon…

And a lovely thank you email from Jacqueline and Gregory:

“We just opened up the box and pored over our album last night.. We love it! It’s so wonderful to finally see the photos so beautifully presented and printed. We also love how you resolved the front window!! We knew you would figure out just the right thing.

Thanks for all your patience throughout this process. We couldn’t be happier with how the photos and the album turned out, and of course you are amazing to work with.

Thanks again!!
Jacqueline and Greg”