So much happy dancing and happy tears happening!  Marriage is legal for people who love each other!!

      I very lightly explained to my sweet rainbow- and love-loving girl why I’m so joyful and excited (more love!  more freedom!  and, selfishly, more lovely same sex wedding clients! 😉 ).  Obviously I didn’t go into the tragedy of gay people having their love unacknowledged and rights restricted for so many years (she’s 5), but I did tell her that now it’s easier for a woman who loves another woman to marry her, and a man to marry a man he loves, just like a woman and man can get married.  And she seemed to react like “yay?  but…  duh?”.  Which is a great sign for our future, don’t you think?

      And now I know why the library had “Tango Makes 3” left out in the featured kids’ books section this week.  And, yup, we checked it out.

      Happy pride!  I’ll be celebrating by spending time with my sweet little family that I’ve been able to create through a combination of choice and incredible, astounding good luck – and knowing that men and women around this country have an easier road ahead of them in choosing and creating their own families.  And by “families”, I mean in any and all forms – some of the greatest families of choice can be friends or neighbors or colleagues – or couples without kids, or who choose never to get married.  But if some of those families want to celebrate their togetherness by surrounding themselves with their community, throwing a party, sharing a ritual, and getting married – well, now they can do that in even the reddest of red states or the podunkest of towns.  So: WOOHOO!!!!