Encaustics by Ghostbee – a unique new product!

At long last, I’m ready to share a newer product I’m offering. In collaboration with my wonderful painter friend, Meredith, of Ghostbee, I can now create very unique, custom art piece from your favorite photo. This product is called “encaustic” – and it involves mounting your favorite image to board, and painting it with a special blend of (locally sourced) beeswax and resin and an optional painted tint or graphics. The result enriches and transforms the images so that they have a new, etheral dimension (and a delicious beeswax smell!), texture, and depth.

You really need to see them in person to get the full effect – I have some small pieces that I can easily bring around to share, so let me know if you’d like to take a look!

From Ghostbee’s site: “Encaustic is an ancient painting method, combining beewax, tree resin, and pigments to create a luminous, durable, and beautiful finished product… Encaustic paintings are extremely archival and long lasting. They do not yellow with age, and are impervious to moisture. The most famous encaustics are the Fayum Portraits of Ancient Egypt. They were painted in the first century A.D., and they still look as fresh as they did the day they were made.”

I had some samples made from favorite images, and am so happy with how they look. I have several on my walls, and have given others as gifts.

If you’re interested in ordering an encaustic piece for your home, or as a gift, just contact me to order and we’ll go over the details. There are certain images that work better than others. I’m dying to find the time to shoot some new portraits of Devon and I to use to order some encaustic pieces!