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      I loved Emma and Don’s wedding…  they’re so sweet and happy together.  And Emma is so beautiful! like snow white!  And the two of them kept their focus on celebrating with their community.  There is the potential to be swept up in the madness of planning and carrying out a wedding, and while it can be so rad to plan florals/ menus/ paper goods/ party favors/ cake/ dresses/ etc etc etc; sometimes it’s hard to then let all of that planning go enough to just sink into the wedding day as it unfolds.  These two were amazing at letting it all come together, and it did, beautifully.  My favorite thing is when clients trust my eye for photography, and Emma and Don were so willing, flexible, and easy going (throughout the planning process and on the wedding day).  Essentially, I mean that they didn’t let anything distract them, and so their focus remained on loving each other and their families and friends, as well as reveling in the celebration of the day.  Which always makes it easier for me to capture the emotions and connections between people.

      Plus, I LOVE Campovida, and it wasn’t 115 degrees this time.  This was one of my favorite weddings in recent memory.  Thank you, E&D!  I could tell that you bring each other love and joy as much on any ordinary day as you did on you wedding day.  How great is that?!