Donuts! Sequined Spectacular shoot at Triple S Ranch, Calistoga, part 3

For the last part of this recent, pretty inspiration shoot, which was featured on Glamour and Grace, I’m showcasing: donuts!  Freshly made on site, drizzled and sprinkled by hand with care, and consumed by the fistful by, well, me.  And Symphony, and our model Krista, and I think everyone except for the 6 month old baby Everly.

We were super lucky to have over a dozen amazing vendors who are in very high demand collaborating on this shoot with us.  We had a lot of awesomeness going on!  And although we had a beautiful cake from The Whole Cake, and a delicious spread of charcuterie and snacks from the girl and the fig (who I will never, ever tire of working for/ with.  More on them on my blog soon!), we had the chance to have Harvey’s Donuts come to make fresh mini donuts on site.  Ultimately, I decided to keep the donut pictures separate, so the other posts can flow better, and so that we can have an extra sweet blog post.  So, happy almost-Halloween!  Enjoy (by visual osmosis) these little bitty donuts.

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