Denise and Tom’s Vow Renewal, MacArthur Place, Sonoma

It’s a big honor to photograph any wedding, but when the chance for me to do an elopement, city hall wedding or vow renewal comes up, it’s like a big gift.  It’s hugely flattering and humbling at the same time!  I get to be the couple’s witness, literally and figuratively, in an intimate promise of connection and love.  And it’s easy (and fun!) to find the balance between capturing a beautiful document of the event, and stepping back to let the couple just be together.

Denise and Tom came to Sonoma from Chicago to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, and to recommit to each other with a private vow renewal.  They stayed at a hotel I’d never been to before, MacArthur Place in downtown Sonoma, and after we wandered a bit to get portraits in Sonoma’s version of autumn foliage, it was time for their simple but sweet recommitment ceremony, followed by a private toast and dinner.  Wonderful, gorgeous, sweet.



























 Cheers, Denise and Tom!  Congratulations on making it these ten years, and hooray for many many more!

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