David and James, Commodore / the Waterfront Hotel, Jack London Square, Oakland

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I was so happy to have the opportunity to photograph David and James on their wedding day! I got to peek in on them getting ready with their families at the Waterfront Hotel in Oakland’s Jack London Square, and then they were married on a Commodore Events ship in the Alameda/ Oakland estuary. Since it was a small group and they didn’t think they’d need me for the whole (4 hour!) sunset cruise, I did all of the portraits beforehand, photographed the ceremony, and then hopped off the boat to get some shots of them sailing off into the sunset. What a lovely way to start their marriage!

I really liked that they chose suits that reflected the level of formality that each groom wanted – James looked very sharp in his suit, and David was quite dashing in a bit more formal tux. I adore a good bow tie!

The Waterfront had some really cool colors and details, like the stripes on this wall (which give me some crazy and cool home decorating ideas…):

And this installation in the lobby:

The men took a limo around the estuary to the dock and we did some family photos on the lawn (don’t worry, there’s not an arm in every shot, I just like this!):

Oh, I just love these!

And that bow tie (I’m telling you!) with the debonair squint gives David a bit of a James Bond thing here…

There were some truly beautiful details aboard the wedding ship:

Here they are rehearsing the ceremony before the guests are welcomed aboard – they seem so happy and relaxed!

Jack London Square across the water as the sun begins to sink:

The captain/ officiant:

I LOVE how the crowd goes wild in this shot. David and James obviously have great support from their friends and family!

I am so happy that these two loving, sweet men had the chance to have an official wedding in late October, and am hoping and wishing that many more gay and lesbian couples throughout the state (and nation) will soon be afforded the same opportunity! David and James, thank you so much for having me be a part of your wonderful day.