Dani and I, Big Sur

A few shots of my lovely friend/ assistant, Dani, from this September’s Big Sur wedding trip. So pretty:

And weird!

That fabulous giant cupcake:

I love that this shot is so pensive and lovely:

And the next one reveals the sign she’s sitting next to:

The next day, the sun came out, and we headed back to my favorite Big Sur beach before beginning the long drive home:

I made her take a picture of me, triumphant on the beach, at about 13 weeks pregnant:

But then I don’t know what happened here (are you picking up on the cute/ weirdo theme? We are friends for a reason!):

I really appreciated Dani’s hard work and company on this trip. I was still adjusting to being pregnant, worked a fabulous but long day at the wedding, and made her drive most of the 400+ miles that weekend. And she still let me wake her up in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep, kept me company, and comforted me like the kickass friend (and mom!) that she is.

Thank you!!! xo

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