Sarah and Teddy’s Cavallo Point Lodge wedding, Sausalito

bride and groom kissing indoors at their Cavallo Point Lodge wedding, Sausalito

I photographed Sarah and Teddy’s Sausalito Cavallo Point Lodge wedding, which was so beautiful, in that San Francisco-fog freezing autumn way.  I love working with Lally Events, always! They send me some of the sweetest and more elegant clients.  And Soulflower did Teddy and Sarah’s wedding florals beautifully.

large bouquet by Soulflower Design at Cavallo Point Lodge wedding, Sausalito

My husband and I have stayed at Cavallo Point for our wedding anniversary, and I can say it’s equally astounding and gorgeous from the point of view of both guest and wedding vendor. With epic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, cozy rooms with fireplaces to snuggle up to when the ocean winds whip off the Bay, and the uniquely lovely old architecture from when it was built to be Army officers’ homes in the early 20th century, Cavallo Point is a really special place for a wedding, a visit, or just a stroll.

I did include a kind of crazy amount of photos from this wedding, because it was rich with color, beauty, sweet moments, and some great dancing. Please scroll down far enough that you see the tradition Sarah’s family performed, where the men in her family lifted her, shouted and cheered! It was fabulous.

smiling bride lifted up by her singing family, Cavallo Point Lodge wedding, Sausalito

Then the band, the Klipptones, played and everyone danced into the night – the air freezing outside, but cozy and snug in. And revisiting these photos very much makes me want to do it all again.

bride and groom doing their first wedding dance, Cavallo Point Lodge, Sausalito

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