Vintage Radio Photo Shoot

Last weekend my friend Ona and I went over to my parents’ house to take some silly photos with my dad’s vintage radio collection. Sometime I’ll post some photos of his FULL collection, but as it’s spread over 2-3 rooms of their house, and some are too big to move, others too delicate or easily scratched, I didn’t get them all this time (just some of my favorites). I would’ve loved to have shown a huge stack of them with just Ona’s face peeking out but I can understand the collector’s heart – everything must be as pristine as possible!
Most of these my dad, Tom, has fixed up and made as good as new! He doesn’t collect pieces prior to the 1950s (let’s not be silly), and kept insisting we plug them in and get reception for the shoot… even though, you know, these cameras don’t capture sound.
It was pretty cool!

Old timey gent and digital photo with contract/ saturation dropped out a bit:

Listening to the smooth sounds of 1940s high-def AM radio (a girl’s best friend):

The “Little Jewel” (very cute, but does it look like a radio? Or a space age something?):

And some misc. other props:
1880’s mother-of-pearl Opera glasses that belonged to my great-grandmother:

Mona Lisa half mask a friend gave me for my birthday (so creepy!):

Not sure who this is a mask of? But my mom was going, “take it off, it’s too weird!”: