things I’m loving right now…

I’ve got a big editing day ahead of me from this weekend that I’m excited about, but while my tea water is boiling, I wanted to post a little nerdy post about stuff I’m into lately:

-spinning class!
-re-watching all the Buffy seasons with my friend Liz
-this gorgeous summer weather
-taking a rare day off and going swimming
-meeting with Rich and Typh at the Botanical Gardens in Berkeley to discuss their upcoming wedding there. It’s going to be such a great party!
-trying new recipes from this embarrassingly hot pink book which I bought at kinko’s while waiting for an enlargement
this other embarrassing recipe book
-exhaustedly telling devon that I was getting a second wind and becoming “reinvinegarated” by accident after shooting an all day, 90 degree wedding in oakland
-rereading Douglas Coupland’s “Generation X” (written in 1991 but still pretty right on)
-organic wine! (thanks Jennifer and Scott!!)
-sandwiches (confession: I like Quizno’s, what is wrong with me?!)
-pizza night with Austin (tonight!)
-Jennifer and Scott’s gorgeous, sunny day wedding this Sunday, especially the excitement of the hora and other dances that rocked the house
-homemade boysenberry lemonade shooting star-shaped popsicles
-seeing Morrissey and his band play some oldies but greaties (“Truly Disappointed”, “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side”) along with the newer stuff, and seeing him gently tease Santa Rosa (lovingly, even).
-Morrissey’s opening act, Kristeen Young, who is somewhere between Kate Bush, punk Siouxsie and a little bit of riot girl. I like her now but I would’ve LOVED her at 15.
this website

Okay, back to work.