The sun is shining!

Spring is finally coming!

We have our own version of Groundhog Day – it’s the day when the sun is warm enough and the ground isn’t muddy, when our little kitty Tess decides it’s time to start rolling in the dirt to coat her fur in dust. Hooray!

I don’t know why she does this, but I think it might have something to do with her allergies. That girl is ridiculously allergic to everything, and even though we have her on the best hypoallergenic food and even give her baths in the sink sometimes like a baby, her skin still gets irritated and loves to roll in the dirt. So then I have to dust her off and wipe her down each time she wants to come back inside.

I think she thinks she’s an elephant.

Anyway. I took some photos during the rainy days a few weeks back that show how nice it is to be snug inside while it’s hailing and freezing outside. Then I noticed that my little garden was starting to grow here and there regardless of the temperature and neglect, and it reminded me that all winters must come to an end, spring is arriving, and everything is growing even in freezing, dark secret. Lovely!

Rainy outside (hail even!)

Snuggly warm inside (my little heather plant is yearning for its outdoor family):

These pink buds burst into these gorgeous flowers a few days later. The flowers have now all fallen off, so I’m glad I noticed them:

These in the back are similar but their buds are less knobby. I think the top ones are a form of heather? And maybe these backyard ones are a kind of cherry? But, really, I have no idea.

My lemon (or is it grapefruit?) mint is already poking through the dead leaves that have kept it warm all winter:

But, strawberries even?!?!

I love this tulip tree in our backyard. It, too, bloomed soon after I took this photo and the blossoms are almost gone, but they smell AMAZING and look even better. This is the one thing I look forward to in February/ March!

Tiny rosebush on our porch already going for it:

A succulent I forgot about who seems happy with the rain:

Oregano I can’t keep down:

Ahh. Bring on the spring. I’m looking forward to more daisies, roses, lavender, and planting my tomatoes!!!!!!