Super small music world!

So these guys from Jennifer and Scott’s wedding and I have been emailing a bit – I emailed them to say, “you rocked!”; they emailed me to say “thanks and can we see photos!”. Then I let them know the photos are up and got this response:


By the way, I forwarded to the rest of the band the link to your blog.

Take a look at Dan’s response (he’s the guitarist):

Hey Michael,

Thanks for this. I looked at her blog, and it turns
out that I did some “Vickie gigs” with her brother
Austin. He’s an AMAZING jazz drummer. He can play
anything, but if you want jazz, he can really deliver
the goods. You should really try to get his number to
get him in the circle. You won’t be disappointed. I
tried to e-mail her to say hi to him for me, but I
didn’t see how I could do that.



So, Michael from the Shtetlblasters (and a few other bands) emailed his band member, Dan, who took a look at my blog and checked out the post about Austin’s senior recital, and had just the nicest things to say about my all grown up baby brother!

It’s wonderful to hear, cause I think he’s phenomenal of course, but I don’t know if I’m biased a little… It’s hard to beat this kind of recommendation though!

Yay for Austin! Yay for music!

Thanks again, Dan; you totally made my day!