Wondertime Magazine photo spread

Last September, Labor Day weekend, Devon and I had the privelege of traveling waaaaay out a long dirt/ gravel road in Willits (in Mendocino County) to visit Emandal, “a farm on a river”.

We were on assignment for Disney’s Wondertime Magazine, a mag aimed at parents of babies and toddlers. They are a great publication (I found myself interested and I don’t even have kids), with lovely, natural photography, tips on child rearing from a child psychology kind of perspective, and fun activities and ideas.

I wrote about it in my blog at the time, but have had to wait patiently until now for the photos to be published (for seasonal shoots, magazines have to often schedule stories a year or so in advance).

I’m very happy to share part of the spread with you here!

You can read a little more about our visit back in September’s blog entry.

This simple photo assignment resulted in one of the most perfect days I’ve had – being with my wonderful husband, doing what I love for a living, in the beautiful sunshiney heat in the middle of nowhere, eating the most amazingly fresh produce, and swimming in the Eel River at the end of it all.

Just perfect!

The writer’s family (the story’s about his kids at the farm) was great fun, as well, and I’ve compiled a slideshow of all my favorite shots here.

So go grab the Summer 2007 issue and flip to page 123 for my stuff!