Silly – E.T., Liza, and Me

My friend Liza in Portland horrified me with her talking, light-up (in the fingertip and heart areas, of course) E.T. doll. It doesn’t look so scary in the photos but in person, when you don’t expect E.T. to talk to you, it’s pretty horrifying.

Also he looks kinda hip hop?:

I realize it’s silly to be scared of a doll, but he seems strangely psychic. When you squeeze his hand, his heart or finger lights up and he says things like, “E.T. phone home”, “run awayyyy”, “(burp)”, and other such sage advice. Maybe it was just the goofy slumber party element to us hanging out, but he seemed to always say something that was perfectly fitting – like an E.T. magic eightball!

Liza is my roommate from college. I have been good friends with her for now almost 11 years, but I realized that I still think of her as one of my “newer” friends since I didn’t meet her until college. I don’t see her enough but we always feel totally comfortable with each other when we get together. Plus I took a million photos of her during our weekend together… instead of photographing the sites and scenes of Portland (a city I love and adore), I took photos of Liza as she typed on the computer and talked on the phone (and in the drive thru for Burgerville, aka sustainable, fresh, local burger heaven) for my stock collection:

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