My cousin Molly

My cousin Molly is only 16 but absolutely gorgeous!

She’s started modelling in the past few years, and is mostly doing fashion stuff, so it was really fun to make her be really silly and over the top. I love love love working with her cause a. she’s very photogenic, b. she’s my cousin and I love and adore her and don’t get to see her enough, c. we giggle a LOT and d. she’s into me giving her direction like, “okay, try to look more like a cartoon. Good, I like how you’re trying to eat that fake bird! Balance my mom’s antique china teacup on your head and look worried!”

We had so much fun. It was a good release for her, too, cause fashion can be physically demanding and also BORING. And kinda, well, bitchy.

Thanks Moll! I can’t wait to do some more shooting with you!

Check out the slideshow – it’s Friday afternoon, don’t you want to procrastinate a little? : )

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