more film tests

This time it’s Fuji’s new 800 speed film. I’m not that impressed with the new one… I miss NPZ (their old 800 speed color neg film).

I mean, it’s fine, but I don’t want fine, I want/ need excellent!

Every time I think about turning back to film, I remember why I love digital now. And, really, I am the last person who would’ve thought that…

I have a friend who just bought her first digital camera and she’s swearing she will not give up film completely. I just laugh : )

I do try to make sure I’m not making this a “blog about my cat”, but she is so cute it’s hard. She finds the dirtiest spot she can and rolls around in it like a wild desert animal…
When I found her (in a pile or pine needles and dust) for this photo, she was sniffing this pine cone.

She has really bad allergies, so we have to give her children’s Benadryl during the spring months.