Jared and Leila-Anne, stock shoot, Santa Rosa, California

A few months ago, the sadly now defunct stock collection at PhotoShelter sponsored an event called “Shoot! The Day” in order to beef up their archive in several categories. Basically, they had photographers around the world producing shoots of all sizes and styles, and it was a great motivation for me to get moving on finally starting my PhotoShelter collection… which I was really thrilled about, until just last week I got notice that after only 10 months of life as a stock agency, they’re discontinuing stock altogether. The state of the stock photography industry is way too complicated (and probably boring for most of you!) to go into here, but I was really disappointed to see that. Nevertheless, anything that can get me shooting is good, and I’m sure my editor at Workbookstock will be happy that I got some fun stuff of my friends Jared and Leila-Anne with a loose theme of “youth culture”. I’ve already added several of the shots to my recently-updated editorial photo site, www.jessamynharrisphoto.com, and now I share them with you!

I love Jared’s cool, messy garage, and playing with the height difference between the two of them a bit…

And nothing beats a cute girl with a cute hat!

These two are both big clothes and shoe collectors, so I thought we’d get a little conceptual with a few pairs each. Sigh, I know, I overdo it with the shoe shots!

A l’il PDA action:

I didn’t know that Jared could do a handstand… but I’m glad I found out!

And Leila-Anne with a pretty dahlia from my garden.

Fun way to spend a cloudy afternoon!

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