Giraffey’s birthday party

Recently I had the unique but wonderful privilege of being invited to a birthday party for a small, stuffed giraffe. My friend, Ava, got her giraffe, Giraffey, a few years back, shortly before she and her mom and sister took a trip to Kenya (where they met real giraffes!). The party was a way of showing Ava (I mean, uh, Giraffey) how much we all love her. I brought a favorite old film camera and shot 2 rolls of color film of my lovely friends, and had a blast.

There was an Easter Egg hunt (belated) created by the big kids for the little kids. When on earth did these kids GET so big?! Even the little ones!

I like Desiree with these weird conquistador dudes (slightly out of focus in the background):

I love weird expressions and faces – that’s one of my favorite things about taking portraits. I of course adore the smiles and sweet ones – often they make ME smile as I’m editing them – but there’s something intriguing about the faces that make you wonder what is going on… My favorite models are not afraid to look “unpretty” or ridiculous or slightly crazy…

I don’t know what’s happening with Ben lately, but he’s all pink tuxedos, touching speeches and blowing bubbles lately. Not very punk?

The guest of honor, drowning in her presents:

Ava showed us the board she had made for her presentation on giraffes for school. She and I both love this SNL giraffe skit, but only one of her has ever fed a Kenyan giraffe before!

Oh… little Stella! So beautiful…

Ben again! See what I’m saying?!

Towards the end of the party, we released some ladybugs in the garden to help with unwanted bugs. Devon and I recently did that in our own garden – it’s pretty neat! And then a little creepy crawly when they start crawling all over you…

Happy Birthday Giraffey! xoxo &hearts

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