Food/ prop styling tests

This is my day to catch up on blog entries. I figure, it’s gorgeous outside – why not stay in and work on the computer?

More from Portland. Liza is thinking about becoming a prop/ food photo stylist like our friend Martha from college, so we did some fun tests while I was up in Portland. Hopefully we can do some more if she comes to visit soon!

Liza has a huge archive of vintage clothing, furniture, dishes, props, etc. Narrowing it down to just a few to shoot with was hard, so we went to Pix Patisserie for chocolates and macaroons and candies and inspiration. One thing (of many) that I love about Portland is that I can almost always find a connection with people – for example, I visited my friend Ian and it turns out that his partner works at Pix. A restaurant Liza took me to is owned by someone from my hometown. Tons of people I know from college and high school live there, even though I went to school in Vermont and California. Portland is such a great community!

I’m not a product/ still life photographer but it was pretty fun to play around.

Obviously she didn’t syle the flowers but they were some of the first bright bulbs I’d seen this year:

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