A little sidebar about traveling and 2007…

My goal for this year is to travel most months. So far we stayed home in January (although we flew to Kaua’i in December and it was amazing); drove to LA for a weekend in February; I flew to Portland the 1st of March to visit more friends; and now I think we’re home for the rest of the month. I was hoping to finally convince Devon to take me to Disneyland in April because I am a huge nerd and can’t get enough – but I mean, COME ON, he’s never even been on the Indiana Jones Ride!

Ahem. That may end up happening in May instead, and hopefully we can find enough time to visit Hollywood a little more, as well as family in the valley and friends all around the area. I have been contemplating squeezing work visits (i.e., client and agent visits) into all of these trips but so far it’s just been for fun. Well, mostly. And business is usually pretty fun anyway!

I think I will fit in a stock agency meeting during our next trip to LA (my stock agency’s in Pasadena, which I want to check out more anyway). I’m also going to Chicago in June with my baby brother (now 24) to visit friends and check out the city – and I will be meeting with my other stock agency then, as well as hopefully a few magazines I’ve done work for there. Phew!

I am hoping to finish my new editorial/ lifestyle website by the end of summer so I can start pounding the pavement in SF, LA, NY and CHI meeting with art directors, photo editors, and photo reps. I love doing weddings but also adore assignment-based photography and want to keep building up my clientele for that. I’m looking forward to a busy and exciting year!

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