some old, some new

I am now getting some time (here and there – not tons) to catch up on all kinds of project. Updating the blog is fun but takes time! So here are some photos from all year long… more to follow.

Devon and I took our honeymoon in increments – married Dec 2005, we had an immediate long, rainy, beautiful weekend at the W in SF; then in May we had 5 days at my aunt and uncle’s beautiful vacation property in Mendocino (where we sometimes had Thanksgivings and other fun family events when I was little); this coming December (in about three weeks!) we are taking our first tropical vacation to Kauai for our anniversary. Eight beautiful days!

Anyway. Here are some shots from Mendo:

(mom – note the old family wagon wheel! we’ve got extended family photos with that dang thing going back how far? at least the 50s.)

Next up – a really weird and random silly one by Devon:

In case you think that is just a random odd behavioral moment for my lovely husband, let me show you his Halloween costume:

Can you guess what he is?

Well, OBViously, he’s a fiddler crab.

I’m not sure how this originally came about, but I do know it was last year. He spent all evening Halloween 2005 making this big ole crab claw out of the box his wicked rocker metal guitar’s coffin case came in (now he has two – and yes, they are very spooky). Then he spray painted it and his spare boxing glove to match. Apparently the fiddler crab has one huge claw and one tiny one. Who knew?

So this year he vowed to wear the costume, so his sister Alyssa made him a tshirt that says “Crab Claw” on it, with, again obviously, a sewn picture of a crab claw.

Not following this? Don’t worry about it, let’s move on to our friends Sean and Mikayla’s costumes:

She was a lovely, elegant birch tree, and he was a lumberjack, complete with cardboard ax (in the car) and chainsaw.

I had $2 devil’s horns and a tail and stayed in handing out Nerds and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

More soon…

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