(silly) private party, the Matrix, Petaluma, California

In the interest of sharing something different, and getting some long overdue images posted, I’m going to be blogging about some very random stuff. First up are these images from a party thrown by our friends at their place of business (called “The Matrix”, but neither the movie nor the pop production team). I can’t remember if there was a particular occasion for this (since it was WAAAY back in June!), but the party included bands, a bounce house, free chair massages, and, well, a barbecued goat. Apparently the goat was really tasty – I didn’t try any.

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone! Since most of the guests at this party were vegetarian or vegan (or grossed out, like me), I’m guessing the offense done its worst. And, I for one didn’t know what a barbecued goat looked like, so just consider this education.

Cute Devon!

Their sweet collection of refurbished pinball and video games:

Creepy self portrait, bouncing in the bounce house:

Old Petaluma meets New Petaluma:

Bouncy basketball!

Party at the Matrix!

Our friends’ band, Santiago, kicking out the jams:

Okay, I have more random posts coming up, but also lots and lots of pretty weddings and portraits, so bear with me!
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