Sarah and Jeremy, Outdoor Art Club, Mill Valley, Our Lady of Lourdes, Oakland

(Click on the image above for the slideshow) Sarah and Jeremy got married in a family-only church ceremony at Our Lady of Lourdes on a Friday, then got to spend time with their out of town guests on Saturday, and celebrate with a big mimosa, ceremony, luncheon and ice cream kind of way at the Outdoor Art Club on Sunday.  It spread the partying out beautifully and seemed to give the couple plenty of time with everyone, without too much overwhelm at any of the events.  Sunday’s party in the shady redwoods in Mill Valley was lovely, with bright colors and lots of calm joy.  Plus, they got an ice cream cart from Ici, and urged each guest (and, ahem, photographer) to take 2, 3, 4 ice cream cones or sandwiches.  So, so, so good!            


(Love a groom that holds his ice cream sandwich even during portraits – priorities!)

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