rockin’ the vote

I voted earlier this week, via absentee ballot. No reason – I just like doing it on my own time, so I’m a permanent absentee voter.
I already knew how I wanted to vote except for a few things that I decided to leave because I didn’t feel strongly one way or another. So as we’ve been getting all kinds of brochures and flyers in the mail for all of the MANY many candidates, measures, propositions, and so on, I’ve been tossing them in the recycling without giving them any thought. Did I mention we get automated electioneering calls all the time? I’ve taken to not answering the phone because I know what it’s all about.
Well, I have also been volunteering just a little bit for SMART/ Measure R/ Sonoma County Conservation Action because, without getting overly politicized here on my blog on a Friday afternoon, the idea of a super cool commuter train through the North Bay just really, really does it for me.
A friend of mine told me, “my life would probably be perfect if we had a train going from here to SF”, and I agreed. Of course, I have a 0 mile commute (work at home most days) and she walks about 2 blocks to her job. But it’s our dream and we stand by it.

Anyway, today at the Measure R Headquarters, I had a free minute and browsed some of the candidates that they are endorsing. And, WOW, there is some super cheesy photography on these brochures! Both sides, all candidates, everyone seems to have only the most awkward, posed photos of them playing with their kids, looking serious in their office, studying over some huge books while slyly showcasing their wedding ring, shaking hands with other politicans, etc. My goodness! If I was going to vote on these brochures alone, I don’t know WHAT I would do!

I wish they had come to me 😉

Although, who knows… maybe it is just impossible to get a politician to look natural.

At the gym yesterday, I encountered two other awful examples of judging a book by its cover. On my way in, I passed a frail, elderly woman in a wheelchair being pushed by her 40-something daughter. I don’t know where the conversation had started, but there was a third woman telling the frail, ailing woman, “I would love to be as skinny as you!”. Then the 40-something daughter said, “yeah, I’m always telling my mom I’d gladly trade 20 pounds with her!”. Yikes! This woman was obviously doing some kind of physical therapy to try to build muscle and these relatively young and healthy women were envying her?!

Then the tv in the weight room was playing an interview with Michael J. Fox, who recently called a phony by Rush Limbaugh, among others. He has Parkinson’s disease, which makes him twitch all over the place uncontrollably. We know he is not faking it, and I have encountered other people with the same problem. But with the sound on the television off, it was truly strange (and sad) to watch him unable to control his tics.

Anyway. I guess I got a little political after all. But there was one more incident at the gym (all in one evening!) to remind me that I also tend to judge by someone’s exterior – a man in the TINIEST shorts I’ve seen in a while passed by me and I made some assumptions about his life and how he sees himself. Yikes! All I can say is, I didn’t really want to see that much of himself.