Saxon Brown Wines for Wine Spectator Magazine

This was one of my favorite shoots ever!  Working on assignment for Wine Spectator, I followed Jeff Gaffner of Saxon Brown to at least 4 locations all around Sonoma and Napa to cover every aspect of his winemaking.  I’m super proud of this work!  Jeff and his partner Tracey are awesome, welcoming, and open.  I loved capturing lots of the elements of his approach to winemaking.  My assistant and I asked him lots of science/wine nerd questions and he warmed to it like it was his job to teach us!  Plus, I got to taste the most delicious grape juice (not-yet-fermented wine)!  Fresh from the vines, squeezed into juice: heaven.  We got to ramble around Sonoma and Napa counties, going to Ram’s GateSangiacomo Vineyards (where we got to frolic in those gorgeous early spring mustard flowers!), and Punch Down Cellars,  It was a delightful shoot day. Thanks, Jeff and WS!  

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