Symphony through the seasons



I’ve been busy.  Oh, how busy I’ve been!  I have dozens of photo shoots I’d like to blog – and lots that I want to add to my almost-finished new website – but there’s always something much more pressing.  Always 5 people asking me for something urgently (one person in particular..)


But I’m committed to sharing more.  I love having fresh work on my website, blog, and instagram (Facebook: meh).  I want very much to get some of this work up and viewable.  I think I’ve been needing new, fun ways to think about it.  And I think I need to get some of my fun, personal work up before I burst!


So I’m going to try something: instead of trying to post photos of my daughter (because, let’s face it, most of my personal photos ARE of Symphony) in consecutive order, I’m going to mix ’em up and around, and see if I can showcase some of my favorite shots of her through the seasons.  Maybe Symphony in the garden, or flowers and stuff that I might’ve photographed while she was napping.  (OH, how I miss naps!!)


Because this girl is now SIX years old!

Symphony's Many Faces Gif

And it’s cliche but true: the years really have flown by.  The days were so long in that first year, but the years have been terribly short.


And now, as she’s growing up and we’re both getting more independent (what’s up, kindergarten!?!), I feel like I’ve got to get more personal in my business: more real, and just authentically me.  And a huge huge part of me is my daughter, my family.


So, check back to see: Symphony through the seasons.  All of these have been shot on film.  All have been just for fun, and just for me.



But now, I share them with you.



(Symphy doesn’t mind.)


Now, what season to start with…