Symphony through the seasons – Autumn

OK, my series of Symphony through the seasons is coming to an end with Autumn.  I know that these are A LOT of photos of my own kid to be sharing, and it seems a little ludicrous to even me, especially when I have so much client work I’m dying to share.  But I think I got a bit burned out on blogging, so I did this as a way of reinvigorating and inspiring myself to blog more.  Not just the same way I have in the past – sharing my favorites from each shoot – but challenging myself to get creative.  We’ll see what comes next! And now, Symphony, on film, in the fall.  I think these are all from one afternoon a few years ago, but it’s random and awesome, and it illustrates a lazy, creative autumn day with a preschooler pretty well. symphyautumn000031150008 symphyautumn000031130001 symphyautumn000031130008 symphyautumn000031130009 symphyautumn000031130012 symphyautumn000031130014 symphyautumn000031130016 symphyautumn000031150001 symphyautumn000031150002 symphyautumn000031150003 symphyautumn000031150011 symphyautumn000031150012 symphyautumn000031150013 symphyautumn000031150014 symphyautumn000031150015 symphyautumn000031150016