Wine Spectator photos! California Rhone, Sonoma County

I had a great time shooting images for Wine Spectator’s California Rhône article in January! Beautiful Sonoma County grapevines filled with wintry vines and mustard flowers, delicious French-Northern Californian food, and lots of lovely things to photograph.

The day started off at Hudson Vineyards, which is not open to the public, so it was an extra treat to wander the vines with Lee Hudson and his dogs. I’m pleased with the way the shot the magazine selected incorporated Lee’s Texas background (and puppies!), and here are some other of my favorites:

Then, yum, off to the girl and the fig restaurant in downtown Sonoma for lunch and more shooting! It’s a hard life I have, I know. Restauranteur Sondra Bernstein is so likable, it was hard for me to stop asking her a million questions while taking her picture. But she did great! I can’t believe I passed up dessert, but after the burger, fries, and salad I ate, I had to keep myself from slipping into a pregnant food coma on the drive home.

I love doing assignment shoots when I get a chance. I’m always lucky to discover or get to know a wonderful location and friendly people in the place I live through my photography. Oh, and I should point out that the girl and the fig caters weddings and other events, and they have a great new space called Estate in downtown Sonoma.
Now, who wants to go to the fig cafe with me for brunch?

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