My beautiful mother in law and friend, Toni, is a business consultant and on the team of The One Page Business Plan company. The founder of the company is Jim Horan, who is a kind heart, as well as a genius business and networking thinker. After the shoot we had some great talks over lunch together, and I realized that he excels at these things because he is an excellent listener, and because he really does care about what he hears. I hope our business paths continue to cross!

      (Dev and I have also gotten several rides on his Zapcat boat in Santa Cruz, and can’t wait to do it again!)

      Anyway, Toni gave my photography services to Jim as a birthday gift, and I was grateful to do this for a woman who has done SO much for me (the list is too long to add here, but let’s just say it stretches from being my #1 fan to giving birth to the love of my life!). I did have one condition – that we make Toni pose for some new business shots as well! This has been something we’ve been meaning to do for almost as long as I’ve known her, but somehow it has slipped through the cracks (mostly because a certain somebody doesn’t like to pose. Wait until you see what a great job she did, though – I swear this Toni barely needed any warming up before she was a star in front of the camera!)

      Jim recently had some standard “suit and tie” headshots taken, so my goal for both of them was environmental portraiture to show their warmth, personalities, confidence, and the sunshine in all of their dealings. Luckily it was a phenomenally gorgeous day in Berkeley without a cloud in the blue sky, so the sunshine was literally present as well.

      Look at their neighborhood – fabulous!

      And here’s this lovely lady – I think I did capture some of the welcoming warmth that makes Toni so great at business and personal relationships. Love you Tone!

      Edited: Slideshow has been removed, 10/16/2008.


      LOOOOVE #3 and #8!

      Christine Gacharna

      wow, the third, seventh and eighth are AMAZING — really, really cool portraits! nice work!