Sonoma County Family Photographer, baby Kindred

mom lifting baby up in front of sky

I photographed new baby Kindred at Crane Creek Regional Park here in Sonoma County, a very popular portrait location, and for very good reason. It’s gorgeous, with lovely and very “Sonoma” views of rolling hills, and I do love shooting there – but it’s also a bit funny to see upwards of 5 photo shoots happening simultaneously if you go there at sunset!

mom kissing smiling baby on the cheek at Crane Canyon Regional Park

Anyway, look at this sweet, beautiful little baby girl and her gorgeous mother! Danielle was one of Symphony’s preschool teachers, and little Kindred is actually her third baby. I loved that she wanted to do a photo shoot of just the two of them. You can celebrate your third new baby just as much as your first! (It’s harder, but it’s just as special a time, and magic to capture her nursing at sunset in a beautiful park).

I love taking photos of breastfeeding babies whenever a mom is up for it. And I always ask for permission to share them – if you’re the mom part of a “nursing pair”, you’re likely used to having your boobs out in public and don’t mind me sharing photos of them, but everyone’s comfort level is different!

Breastfeeding is such a wonderful, challenging, amazing and sometimes miserable experience. I encourage everyone with an actively nursing baby to let me capture the experience, even if just for them. I wish I had more photos of myself nursing my baby, although the sweet memories I have of us looking into each others’ eyes, holding hands and just giggling are priceless.

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