Rose is my cousin Henry (and Morgan and Josh)’s half sister – so, no blood relation to me, but it’s been fun knowing her since she was a baby. And now, suddenly, she’s starting her senior year of high school! I was honored that she and her parents chose me to do her senior portraits, and she is so beautiful that it was a treat to do it!

      We did these in Rose’s parents’ backyard. We had talked about going to some nearby locations, but when I got there I thought, “are you kidding me?! This is perfect!”. What a beautiful, quintessential Sonoma County evening.

      It also meant we got to include the pets in some shots:

      And Rose got to change outfits easily and privately. Everyone should have such a beautiful backyard!

      You may be wondering why these don’t look like “typical” senior portraits. We’re lucky in that Rose goes to a school that requires complete uniformity with the drape and the studio lighting, to the point that they do all of their yearbook senior shots at school. So we had complete freedom to do whatever we wanted, and to get some really unique, fun shots in natural light, for these non-yearbook shots. I love this one!

      And, of course, a few shots of Rose with roses. Her dad’s a big gardener, so I thought Bob would like a little shout out to his rose garden!

      Thank you, Rose, Sally and Bob! Enjoy your senior year!