Rebecca, stock shoot, Santa Rosa, California

My wonderful sister-in-law not only lent me her house for these photos, but sourced the fabulous Rebecca to model for me, AND helped with hair, makeup and wardrobe for this shoot. Thanks ladies! I had so much fun.

I recently purchased some fun fabrics to play around with as backdrops, and go to test out this pretty blue flowery remainder. I wanted to open my lens all the way up to get a beautiful, blurry, blue bokeh, and am really happy with the result. For example, I thought about cropping this one so you couldn’t see where the fabric ends, but I kind of like the casualness of seeing that…

Lots of fun playing with the white picket fence and cheery butter yellow of their house. I’ve never actually had a picket fence (though a redwood one is pretty awesome too).

And I got Rebecca to pose with my newly-painted cruiser bike. Aren’t they both so pretty?!

Okay… and then all of our little bit of goth/ antiquey sides came out, we dressed Rebecca up in this gorgeous vintage dress of Alyssa’s, and enjoyed the last bits of golden light in the backyard.

And back to the fabric for some extreme close-ups of Rebecca’s beautiful face. Those eyelashes are real!

Big thanks again to Alyssa and Rebecca for being such great sports. I have TONS more shoots to share, and am realizing that I think I’ll need to post at least one blog post per day until I get a bit more caught up… which might get tricky, considering I have 6 weddings to shoot between now and November!