Peter, Piper, and new moms!

A few months ago, I had the immense pleasure of visiting my cousin Daphne, and her new baby, Peter, and my good friend Nicole and her new baby, Piper. Because the world is so small, it turns out that Daphne’s other son and Nicole’s stepdaughter met in at dance camp and are now friends, so we had a kind of playdate and baby party at Daphne’s apartment in Oakland!

I was so excited and touched to meet both of these sweet babies. Peter is named after my and Daphne’s uncle Peter, who died a few years ago, and baby Peter looks SO much like Daphne’s dad and sister. Nicole and I have been good friends since high school (I think it’s been something like 15 years already… oh my god!), so it was wonderful to see this sweet baby girl that she and her husband have created. What a love!

This little guy wasn’t sure how he felt about the baby invasion – and was on the lookout for crumbs:

Daph had said, “I’m so sorry our apartment is in chaos, I’ll make us some tea but it won’t be anything fancy because we just moved” – but I should’ve known that she couldn’t help herself. This fancy little teatime was probably nicer than anything I’ve done for guests, and I don’t have two kids! Daphne is so awesome and lovely.

Cute little Peter!

I love it when babies get this totally-sacked-out sleeping thing going. They have no worries, no cares, and just give in completely to sleep.

Lovely touches in Daphne’s apartment – this sweet dove and beautiful vase of flowers:

Piper is so small – but I saw her again a few weeks ago and she’s growing like a wildflower. I bet she’ll be walking before we know it!

I love my beautiful cousins!

And this little cutie pie too:

Peter just adores his mama. It was so fun and sweet to see him just grin and grin! He let me hold him lots, and seemed to love me too.

Love baby Piper’s blue eyes! When I met her here, I thought she looked a lot like her dad (and older sister) – now I think she looks more like Nicole. Seeing her more recently was a joy, because now she is smiling and more involved in the world than she was at just two months here.

This isn’t a picture of a baby, but I just loved the simple and elegant little touches in Daphne’s apartment, like this corner with the laptop and antique little mirror.

I am just gushing about these two, but can you blame me? I also love that their names make up part of that tongue twister: “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…”

I got to hold the cute tiny girl while she slept – oh, her little sweet self was so fun to cuddle. Very young babies have a way of just relaxing so fully that they almost seem like jellyfish to me…

One more of baby Pete pushing himself up – I bet he’s sitting up and crawling by now. I can’t wait to see these guys again!! Thanks so much, Daphne and Nicole! I had a blast, and hope we can do it again soon. XOXOXO

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