Misty and Schell, portraits for stock, Julliard and Doyle Parks, Santa Rosa, California

I know Misty and Schell through friends, and was excited to get to know them personally when they graciously agreed to model for me for a playful shoot together. We shot at Julliard and Doyle Parks, and made the most of Misty’s beautiful Vespa (and will have to do another shoot once Schell gets his vintage one going again!). They are both so cute, and Misty has such a gorgeous big smile! I loved hanging out with them, and am looking forward to doing more in the future.

Here’s the pretty lady – it always makes me smile when I see her scooting around town on that cherry red bike.

Love the awesome footwear (you know I always go for it!) – 50s pin-up girl meets 80s b-boy!

She had so many cute and retro outfits, it was hard to choose. And that smile!!

Next, a wardrobe change and a trip over to Doyle Park, where I got them to cuddle up and feed each other designer chocolates… not realizing that Misty had been avoiding sugar AND dairy. Whoops! Thanks for taking one for the team!

These two are so happy together:

Misty does hair at Elle Lui Salon, which you might remember from a few different shoots I’ve done this year. And, that reminds me – I really need to get a haircut!

Anyway, not only did they model for me, but Misty helped by styling her own hair, makeup, wardrobe.

Cute chocolate heart:

I love this time of day… and year.

After we got back to their house, I said, “okay, is there anything else you’d like me to get that we haven’t already done?”. Usually people say no, but these two thought, “what about a portrait with our cats?”, which makes them even dearer to me. I am definitely a cat girl!

Here are my two favorites:

Thanks again you guys!