Lennon Belle! eating, playing, and being generally adorable.

My little friend Lennon (or “Lemon” as her Grandma likes to call her!) is now, what, like 1.5 years old?! I have had the big honor of getting to photograph and hang out with her about every six months, and was so happy to to do again last week. She’s already walking, talking, signing, and doing lots of things independently. I miss her already!

For this shoot, I wanted to get some cute baby-eating stock photos, but also just wanted an excuse to hang out with Jessie and LB. And my devious plan worked!

How many babies do you know that will eat a (even sweet) pepper?

One of the dogs was really trying hard to get into Lennon’s lunch. She is at that age where she’s more than happy to toss stuff over the edge to the doggies, laugh hysterically, and then make a quick concerned face to show that she agrees with you that throwing things on the floor is bad news… and then it all starts over a few seconds later. Who can be mad when she’s got such an adorable little laugh?!

Lennon was trying hard to kind of squish open the pepper, instead of just biting the end of it. Now, I’ve looked at these shots probably 10 times already, and still, every time I see the second one, I burst out laughing. She’s trying so hard to do… something (crunch it? open it? crumple it?) that she’s kinda shaking with effort:

Lennon + lemon!

This one of the “where did my lunch go?” faces:

What Lennon really, really wanted was to take my camera. Since it weighs almost as much as she does, I only let her use it when sitting on my lap. She did, however, press the button, and did a pretty good job with a few shots of her pretty mama:

I quite like this artsy one:

Playtime! One of the (many) things that fascinates me about babies and young children is the development process. When Lennon got our her “Barrel of Monkeys”, I hung a few on a handle, and she slowly tried to imitate it. It never would have occurred to me to think about the point where you learn to hang a little delicate thing like that, so it was neat to see her figure it out a bit! She totally did it on her own after watching me 🙂

Next we played catch, which she’s still working on a bit – but she has more fun than anyone I know even when she misses the catch!

Another shot I helped LB with:

Her lovely little mobile (I want one!):

And a photo of me and Lennon that Jessie took. You can see she’s pointing going, “I want the camera back!”. Can’t wait to see what she grows up to create!

Now, I saved this for the final photo, even though it was the first shot of the day. I know that it will be humiliating for her someday, but, really, is there anything cuter than teensy baby buns? Nice plumber crack, Lennon!

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