Now that I’ve finished with all of my weddings for 2008, I finally have a chance to catch up with posting some older work here (as well work on a ton of projects). I’m excited to share a few portrait sessions, some random stuff, and photos of the new house!

      Kandis is originally from Canada and hasn’t been back to visit in quite some time, so she wanted to do a little portrait session, and send her mum some photos of her. We picked this lovely park with beautiful evening sunlight pouring through the oak trees, since it would be very Northern Californian!

      Isn’t Kandis beautiful?! This shoot was a great reminder to me that you don’t need to have an excuse to have photos taken of yourself – it’s great fun to model for the camera, and it’s important to get shots that represent you throughout your life. There’s something wonderful about being able to have an artistic print of yourself to share with people, and I think it’s wonderful to have pretty photos of yourself to look at in your hoome.

      Kandis bought some frames at the craft store, and then painted them with gold and bronze finishes, and they look amazing! I think that her mom will be thrilled to receive this gift that Kandis put so much care into.

      I have a few more windows to schedule holiday/ year end photo sessions, so feel free to call or email me if you’re interested in doing a shoot in the coming weeks!