Gaberman family portraits!

On Tuesday I headed over to photograph one of my favorite families – the Gabermans. Brian and Noelle are both amazing photographers, very kind people, parents to two adorable sons, new parents to a cutie pie puppy named Ladybird (love it!), in the process of yet another BIG move, and frequent world travelers for Brian’s jobs. (yes, skateboarders, that’s Gaberman as in the big time skate photographer Gaberman). I bought my newest camera, the awesome Canon 5D, from them a few months ago and haven’t wanted to shoot with anything else since.

Anyway, I was a bit intimidated to photograph their family, and grateful that they would take out some time from their busy schedule to pose for me for a mix of portrait and stock setups.

We started with some attempts at a very normal family photo – which can be tricky with two energetic little boys who are very desensitized to the camera, plus a wiggly excited puppy.

I knew my favorite shots would be the non-serious ones, anyway, so we quickly moved on to the “romance in the chaos” setup:

Next I set up a couple of blue backdrops in front of their gorgeous window light and gave Miles, Emmett, and Noelle some silly faces instructions. There were moments when I could barely shoot due to laughing, and I had an incredibly hard time narrowing them down to share with you.

These boys are so freaking adorable I can barely take it! They’re very polite (though energetic) and they LOVE their parents.

This one looks a little sad and pathetic, but I assure you she was not in that crate very long before peeing and subsequently being let outside to romp with her “brothers”.

And Noelle! Is it really fair that someone can look this beautiful even in the midst of a complicated move, being awakened at 5:30 (!) by the little one, and being a full time mom and rad artist… and even while making monster faces!

I love these photos of Brian and Noelle (and Emmett peeking in there too – Miles was getting ready for school). You know how there are certain people whose love you just love? It’s one of the reasons I feel so blessed to be a wedding photographer. These two are totally some of the greatest kind of everyday love stories, and their little family is very inspiring.

And they showed me the rad 20×24 Polaroids that Jason Lee took of their family… so I’m glad these turned out so well!

Here’s a slideshow of most of my favorites:

Thanks again you guys! These are totally going all over my websites. Good luck with the move, and let me know if you need any help. xoxo

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