My “baby” bro (who just turned 26… which makes me… really old!), Austin, lives in New York City with his lovely girlfriend, Emily. I miss them and wish they lived closer, but Austin comes back so much for gigs (he’s a jazz drummer) and other things, that I see him almost as much as I did when he lived in San Francisco.

      Anyway, we finally made time to do a photo shoot of the two of them together, as well as some headshots for Austin to use for music stuff. Since it was rainy and everyone was exhausted, we ended up staying right around my house… and I am so happy with the results! Aren’t these guys cutie pies?!

      (don’t worry, that’s not our roof in the background… sadly, that’s the house next to ours that is for sale, but probably won’t ever sell!)

      Little Austie Bost on his own:

      I love this series!

      I love this tree on our neighbor’s lawn… what are those flowers?!


      Austin has two bossy big sisters, and so doesn’t flinch when one of them makes him pose with a bouquet of flowers… (even when I told him to look like a pretty bride):


      Pretty, pretty Emily:

      Little buddy on his own:

      Ranunculus – the ones I planted didn’t grow, these came from the store. So pretty!

      Love you guys! Come back to California and stay in our guest room anytime…


      BEAUTIFUL photos Jess!! And I am so happy for Austin! Is he really old enough to get married??! Hehe.. please send my love! Muah!~ Daphne

      Who is that handsome guy…he’s looking awfully old for a little brother.

      And that gorgeous girl with such a twinkle in her eye. What amazing colors!

      Looks like they’re made for eachother. Wonderful shots, just wonderful!

      Wow – Jess – you did it again – what a whopper of a shoot! Simply beautiful.

      OK – Austin & Emily get the award for current Cutest Couple Either Side of the Mississippi!

      (Awwwww – Austie Bostie!)