Pregnancy photos – 30 weeks and 33 weeks (!) and counting…

Whoa, mama!

Yes, that is me. Huge, huge me. The pregnancy is still going very well (I am so lucky and grateful!) but I am not exactly my normal spry self. So far that hasn’t stopped me from doing some rad photos shoots, but I do occasionally have to hold myself back from trying to balance on a funky crumbling wall or ledge for the shot… Otherwise, baby is wiggly, mama is feeling good, and everyone continues to grow!

These are from a few weeks ago (about 30 weeks and pouring rain:

And this weekend (33 weeks and super sunny outside!):

Here I am with all of my Valentines:

And just my human ones:

Me and little Frank and our garden:

And with the blanket I knitted the baby:

Devon and Franklin are cute little dudes:

And, okay, I don’t normally put up photos of anyone in their skivvies on my blog, but I love this shot. This radish was planted last summer, and has been growing way out of control for months. For awhile the baby and radish were growing at the same rate, but now one is way huger (and also much cuter, I’m hoping):

Have a great weekend! Photos of people other than me coming next week : )

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