Pregnancy photos – 21 weeks

Yeah… I’m only about 21 weeks in these photos. Yikes! I’m even bigger now (23 weeks). When I think about how big I will be by April I am simultaneously horrified and excited.

I admit I am not totally sure how much to share on here. I’ve gotten some encouragement from people who are enjoying seeing my pregnancy progress, but I also have a lot of great stuff from the year to share, and I don’t want to make it all about me and the belly. Then I put off posting photos, and then I realize, crap, I haven’t taken any belly shots in weeks and I don’t want to end up with a backlog and… so I’m posting more. But there’ll be a pretty, pretty wedding blogged on here before the week is out, so don’t get discouraged by the pregnancy picture overload!

If you’re interested in maternity photos of your own (or any other portraiture), don’t forget about my Mini Portrait specials available now until I’m too big to shoot!

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